More on Spring certification

I'm still busy reading the official Spring doc as ePub. Reached 42% this morning. I found a mock exam, too. The site iTestJava offers 250 questions (5 tests a 50 questions) for the 4.3 certification. After doing the 5 example questions, I was a bit disappointed because the doc reference was 4.0.9 even for the 4.3 cert. So I wrote to them about this and they answered they'd have some 4.3 questions in the 4.3 package as well. After agreeing on a discount I bought the package.
The test system itself does not look very nice and for example it is not possible to go back a question until one has reached the last questions.
There are many questions on xml configuration. I think way too much for the 4.3 cert but I can't say that for sure until I actually do the exam.
Overall I did not too good on the exams, I think around 50-60%. That's a good sign, it means I learned new things. The future will tell whether this knowledge is helpful for the exam.
I have another mock exam candidate to look into and also I want to finish the documentation. Stay tuned for an update next week.


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