Finally did the Spring Core exam 4.3

Long time - no see :-)
The last post has been ~6 month ago -  I was very busy with different topics. Today I'd like to start again and promise post more regulary (...).
Perhaps you do remember that I trained for the Spring Core Developer 4.3 exam. 3 weeks ago I finally did the test and passed it. I'd like to share a little bit here.
The first thing is that the exam was done with examslocal. So you schedule an appointment and the test happens online while you are watched via your webcam. That was a first for me and quite strange. I had to remove everything from my desk and had to show the room to the examiner (a little hard with a laptop and lan cable -  I lost the connection twice...).  On one question I started to read the question out loud, I do this sometimes to get more concentrated. Suddenly the chat popped up and the examiner told me to stop that. A colleague of mine did the same test and was told to look onto his screen and not somewhere else. I understand the necessity but it does not feel too good.
The test itself was quite easy. The main topics are from core spring, followed by spring aop. For the latter one should study the spring aop expressions more than I did :-)
I prepared mainly with the mock tests from SpringMockExams. They are a little harder because in the real exam I was told how many answers to choose in ~80% of the questions. There are some mock questions on xml-topics but in my exam I had no such questions. All in all the investment did pay.
There already exists an exam for Spring 5.0. There are much more questions on spring boot. For me that would be more easy and if I'd start to prepare now I'd choose the 5.0 exam.

Happy certificating!


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