Finally another certification

I'm kind of a certification addict. I did most of the Sun/Oracle Java certs and update them every time it's possible. But for some time now there wasn't anything to do. I even thought about doing the JSF cert just to do something...
But some weeks ago Pivotal blog-ed that they would offer Spring certification without enrolling for a course. Fantastic news because I don't want to pay for a course and I'm a big fan of the Spring Framework for years now. So, some days ago I started preparing by downloading the ePub of the current Spring docs and loading it up onto my Kobo. A week later 25% of it have been read :-)
What I probably should mention is that I do certifications not only to have them but also to learn new things. With the Java certifications (most of all the Programmer I think) I did learn much. You have to dive into things you need not use for every day work (but perhaps later). E.G. doing the OCJP 7 I learned of the fantastic nio2 way to do file work. Sure, you don't need a certification for that but it's my way to motivate me.
Aside from books and online documentation I try to use mock tests. For Java the best mock exams I know are the ones from enthuware. For the Core Spring 4.3 I'm still looking, so if you have some advise feel free to comment.
I want to do the exam in August. Stay tuned for more on that topic if you are interested.


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