Finally did the Spring Core exam 4.3

Long time - no see :-)
The last post has been ~6 month ago -  I was very busy with different topics. Today I'd like to start again and promise post more regulary (...).
Perhaps you do remember that I trained for the Spring Core Developer 4.3 exam. 3 weeks ago I finally did the test and passed it. I'd like to share a little bit here.
The first thing is that the exam was done with examslocal. So you schedule an appointment and the test happens online while you are watched via your webcam. That was a first for me and quite strange. I had to remove everything from my desk and had to show the room to the examiner (a little hard with a laptop and lan cable -  I lost the connection twice...).  On one question I started to read the question out loud, I do this sometimes to get more concentrated. Suddenly the chat popped up and the examiner told me to stop that. A colleague of mine did the same test and was told to look onto his screen and not somewhere else. I understand the necessity…

Spring Cloud Netflix - Hystrix and properties

My Spring certification preparation are on hold because some trainings are ahead I have to prepare for. One will be Spring Boot withSpring Cloud. I have been working with Spring Boot for 4 years now and am a huge fanboy. Spring Cloud is something I looked into and we use Hystrix in a project but I have been scratching the surface mostly.
One thing I learned in my preparation I want to share with you because it took me some hours since I finally found my mistake.
On the mentioned project we use Hystrix like it's shown on the Javanica page:

@HystrixCommand(commandProperties= { @HystrixProperty(name="execution.isolation.thread.timeoutInMilliseconds", value="500") }) publicUser getUserById(String id) { return userResource.getUserById(id); }
Now I wanted to configure some default properties in my application.yaml. I took the values like the above "execution.isolation.thread.timeoutInMilliseconds" and put it into my file: …

Another Spring Mock Exam Simulator

Hello again,
after finishing the SpringDoc ePub I found another Spring Mock Exam simulator: SpringMockExams.
You get 4 tests with 50 questions each. This is one test less than by iTestJava. I already did the first 3 tests and have to say that I like the questions better and that the simulator look much nicer. There aren't too much xml-questions like on iTestJava, too. On the other hand I was very surprised that they do not have a test history. So you aren't able to look at your test results later on. That's currently the biggest issue I have with them.
What I learned is that I have to take a closer look at Spring Security. I already downloaded the ePub (that is really a nice feature of the Spring work) and will read it next week. After that I think I have to dive into the test center question because it seems for the 4.3 exam there's a different provider than PearsonVUE. More on that next week.


Java-Workshops am Regionalzentrum Hamburg der FernUniversität

Für meine Java-Workshops für Studierende der FernUni Hagen im Regionalzentrum Hamburg ist die Agenda online gegangen:
Der Anfänger-Workshop findet am 24.09. statt, der 2-tägige Fortgeschrittenen-Kurs vom 07.-08.10.
Anmelden kann man sich allerdings erst ab dem 04.09. um 17:00 Uhr. Bei Fragen wendet Euch gerne an mich.

More on Spring certification

I'm still busy reading the official Spring doc as ePub. Reached 42% this morning. I found a mock exam, too. The site iTestJava offers 250 questions (5 tests a 50 questions) for the 4.3 certification. After doing the 5 example questions, I was a bit disappointed because the doc reference was 4.0.9 even for the 4.3 cert. So I wrote to them about this and they answered they'd have some 4.3 questions in the 4.3 package as well. After agreeing on a discount I bought the package.
The test system itself does not look very nice and for example it is not possible to go back a question until one has reached the last questions.
There are many questions on xml configuration. I think way too much for the 4.3 cert but I can't say that for sure until I actually do the exam.
Overall I did not too good on the exams, I think around 50-60%. That's a good sign, it means I learned new things. The future will tell whether this knowledge is helpful for the exam.
I have another mock exam cand…

Finally another certification

I'm kind of a certification addict. I did most of the Sun/Oracle Java certs and update them every time it's possible. But for some time now there wasn't anything to do. I even thought about doing the JSF cert just to do something...
But some weeks ago Pivotal blog-ed that they would offer Spring certification without enrolling for a course. Fantastic news because I don't want to pay for a course and I'm a big fan of the Spring Framework for years now. So, some days ago I started preparing by downloading the ePub of the current Spring docs and loading it up onto my Kobo. A week later 25% of it have been read :-)
What I probably should mention is that I do certifications not only to have them but also to learn new things. With the Java certifications (most of all the Programmer I think) I did learn much. You have to dive into things you need not use for every day work (but perhaps later). E.G. doing the OCJP 7 I learned of the fantastic nio2 way to do file work. Sure…

Auch im Sommer-Semester 2017 wieder Java-Kurse am Regionalzentrum Hamburg der FeU

Die AStA der Fernuni-Hagen hat meine Java-Kurse für das SS2017 bewilligt. Es wird einen eintägigen Anfänger- und einen zweitägigen Fortgeschrittenenkurs im Regionalzentrum Hamburg im September/Oktober geben.
Sobald die Anmeldungen freigeschaltet sind, gibt es hier genaueres.