Another Spring Mock Exam Simulator

Hello again,
after finishing the SpringDoc ePub I found another Spring Mock Exam simulator: SpringMockExams.
You get 4 tests with 50 questions each. This is one test less than by iTestJava. I already did the first 3 tests and have to say that I like the questions better and that the simulator look much nicer. There aren't too much xml-questions like on iTestJava, too. On the other hand I was very surprised that they do not have a test history. So you aren't able to look at your test results later on. That's currently the biggest issue I have with them.
What I learned is that I have to take a closer look at Spring Security. I already downloaded the ePub (that is really a nice feature of the Spring work) and will read it next week. After that I think I have to dive into the test center question because it seems for the 4.3 exam there's a different provider than PearsonVUE. More on that next week.



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